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I think people can be divided into two- those who accept the world as they find it and get on with life, and those who pause to think about the world, are discontent with it and try to be the change they want to see. I wish I could be one of the former, because their lives are simpler, but it’s not a matter of choice. Most of the people belong to the first category and I think it is the natural state of being. But I feel that the latter is fast growing, in proportion to how artificial our lives are becoming.



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It’s a great website- a comprehensive database of Malayalam film music.

At the moment I’m busy downloading all songs by Johnson, year by year, using it as a reference. I never cease to be amazed by the quality of the music in those days, almost every other song is unique and ever green. When I listen to these songs, I always wish I had been born some twenty-thirty years earlier, and lived my youth at the time when Johnson/Ouseppachan/Jerry Amaldev were at their best.