I had thought about writing this a few days ago, but didn’t get down to writing it. I did have a sort of prejudiced dislike for Rock music when I was at school, but I’m not sure I was justified in sporting it. But having lived for the last couple of years in the midst of 2.1 speakers blaring out Rock music 24×7, I think I’m well enough placed to carry out a critical analysis.

To be honest, I find most of the lyrics to be pretty good. But I find it very hard to relate the music with the lyrics. And I do not like the semi distorted and artificial sound of the electric guitar, which so dominates rock music. And take away the beats and some repetitive tunes, there’s nothing much remaining.

Like S.P.Balasubrahmaniam (SPB) once said in an interview, the “M” in music stands for “melody” and if you take it away, what remains is “usic”, that is- it makes “you sick”!