Yet another week at college passes by… It’s already the first test starting from Monday. Days are flying by.

During life in the hostel, you hardly ever get any solitude, to reflect on life. So I’ve made a habit of going out frequently for long walks in the countryside. Over the last couple of years, I’ve grown extremely fond of the region around here. The lush green hilly countryside, nestled in the foothills of the Ghats, never ceases to be appealing to me. And during those walks, it’s quite easy for the mind to escape from the concerns at college, if only for a while. You can even find it hard to think that such a campus exists just a few kilometres away. It’s such a calm and peaceful place.

I don’t think there’s any single activity that benefits one as much as going for a long walk does. Of course, advocates of hard core exercise would say that walking wouldn’t help you burn calories, but I think it does enough to keep you in good shape. Besides, you get to breathe a lot of fresh air. That definitely helps both the mind and the body. And of course, you can unleash your mind, from the shackles of everyday life.