Harmony School of Music, where I have been learning music since I was ten years old, celebrated its tenth anniversary yesterday. The main programme was the felicitation of Sri.M.K. Arjunan master, the renowned music director. Actually the celebrations had started three days earlier. A music and drawing competition for children was held during the first two days, and over 200 children, from various institutions participated. The third day was the traditional style anniversary, with the students’ performances. And yesterday’s was the valedictory function, along with an orchestra comprising selected songs by 25 different music directors.

I have many fond memories of Harmony. Since I’m now at Kozhikode, unfortunately I can’t visit regularly, but I do go there whenever I get time. Jimmy master, director of Harmony, and my piano teacher, my guru, my friend- is a man of great character. I’m not eligible to describe his qualities, but he is perhaps the best person I have known in my life. I have been unbelievably lucky to have been his student for the last nine and a half years. I am what I am today, mainly due to the influence of the experiences I’ve had at Harmony.

I received my education – in every sense of the word- there. At school, you just learn to mug up some facts so as to write some stupid examinations. But at Harmony, you learn a lot of things. You learn to be punctual, to be regular, to work in a group, to be humble and to have compassion for your fellow beings, along with music. It’s a holistic process. That’s why the vision of Harmony School of Music is “Harmony through Music” – to be at harmony with everything around you. It is Jimmy master’s belief (and mine too) that music is a divine gift, and it’s not just for entertainment. Those who are learning music should pursue it with devotion and love, so as to experience the higher spiritual ecstasy which music has to offer.

Anyway, for the moment, I’m extremely happy that I was able to be a part of this anniversary which marked a milestone in Harmony’s history.