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Ragam 08 is going on at NITC. In fact, today is the last day. Yesterday there was a pro-show in our open air theatre by the Tamil singer Karthik . It was great and everyone enjoyed it thoroughly. Today’s programme is a rock show by a band who calle themselves “White Noiz”. I didn’t go, I can hear them from where I’m sitting, in the computer centre. Anyway, they do justice to their name- they are producing a lot of “white noise”…

This sure is going to be a busy week… Two lab exams coming up, and then FOSSMeet@NITC on April 4-6.


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It’s been an awful semester. The subjects are invariably uninteresting, and demoralising, and the labs have also been laborious. Anyway, just a month or so to go now, for the summer vacation.

In the meantime, I’m catching up on my reading. I haven’t read many books over the last year and a half. I read George Orwell’s 1984– marvellous book! Then I read The City of Joy, by Dominique Lapierre- about life in the slums of Calcutta. Another great book. Now I’m reading Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig, about the issues of copyright and how it impedes free culture. The author builds his arguments in a very convincing manner, drawing upon the analogy of a free market. Even believers of “Creative Property” couldn’t miss the point. Unlike the other two books, I’m reading this one on my iPod! I came across this useful website which takes etexts from Project Gutenberg and converts them into a variety of readable formats, iPod notes being one of them. It’s actually quite comfortable to read from.