Today was the day for the first experiment of Device Characterization Lab, since last week was nothing more than introduction to CRO’s and waveform generators (both of which I find extremely cool!). The experiment I had to do (along with two other group-mates) was a study of different clipping and clamping circuits. It was a three hours of well, a mixture of desirable experimental freedom and monotony of repeated experiments. The former, because the teacher-in-charge simply refused to tell us anything about the experiment we had to do. He said we were expected to prepare on our own before coming to the lab. Thankfully, we had learnt clipping and clamping circuits in theory only last sem, and it wasn’t all that hard to recollect them. The downside was that we had to characterize about fifteen similar circuits, and it became boring after a while. Anyway, I enjoyed playing around with the CRO!